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Information about services of Sunny Risk Management

Hi, this is Hinata from Sunny Risk Management! Today, I'd like to tell you about my services. You can know about risk management services on the Online reservation page but it's written in Japanese and can't be translated into English the specification of the system. So, I write below about my services in English here instead of making a new page. Please read this as considering my services.

Here are explanations:

[Free Plan] BCP Planning Support/First Meeting: ¥0

(Japanese: 【無料】BCP策定支援/初回ご相談)

This service is provided for those who considering taking BCP Planning Support by Sunny Risk Management. In this meeting, we're talking about the service, plans, and also. It includes 30 minutes free Zoom meeting once.

[BCP Planning Support] BCP Support: ¥3,000

(Japanese: 【BCP策定支援】BCPサポート)

This is the most basic service. You'll make your own BCP using the template provided by Sunny Risk Management. It includes 30 minutes Zoom meeting once a week: in total, there are 25 meetings.

[BCP Planning BPO] BCP Support ADVANC: ¥5,000

(Japanese: 【BCP策定BPO】BCPサポートADVANCE)

This is the BCP planning outsourcing. I make the BCP for you along with your requests. It includes 30 minutes Zoom meeting once a week: in total, there are 25 meetings.

[BCP Support/BCP Support ADVANCE] Categories: ¥1,000/per category

(Japanese: 【BCPサポート/BCPサポートADVANCE】カテゴリー)

This is categories belong to BCP Support and BCP Support ADVANCE. You can choose categories of BCP such as earthquakes, floods, fires, crimes, attacks, cyber incidents, pandemics, and so on as much as you need. It's necessary to purchase at least one, which means you are required to choose at least one category, to start BCP Support or BCP Support ADVANCE.

Risk Management Advisory: ¥3,000

(Japanese: 危機管理アドバイザリー)

This is the risk management service provided by Sunny Risk Management. You can tell us any risks and I will be back some reports as a response. It includes 30 minutes Zoom meeting once.

That's all the explanation about my services. When you have any problems with the services, please feel free to inquire.

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